Opened in 2003 in the South Bronx, The Bronx Academy of Letters is a public school dedicated to educating and empowering their 6th- through 12th-grade students, many of whom face enormous struggles growing up in the poorest congressional district in the country. The Bronx Letters Foundation raises public funds every year to provide the opportunities for these students that many others take for granted -- high school sports, AP curriculum, field trips, guidance toward college and much more. This video was commissioned by the Bronx Academy of Letters to highlight the incredible students, faculty and staff that call this school home. It was shown at their annual fundraising gala..



Watch as Sasha D’Jamoos and Sasha Pokhilko climb the tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, on prosthetic legs. This short film was commissioned by the Life in Motion foundation.



Even before James lost all hearing, his parents, Mike and Nadine, had begun researching the many ways they could support their son -- from enrolling in sign language classes as a family to pursuing cochlear implant surgery. They were dismayed, however, to find out that the expensive surgery was not covered by their medical insurance. After many difficult months, the Mohneys were introduced to The Gift of Hearing Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing cochlear implant surgery to those who cannot afford it. This video chronicles the Mohney family's journey as they prepare for James' first implant surgery, recovery and device activation.



When breakdancing first emerged on the streets of New York City in the early 1970s, few, if any, women were accepted into the majority male sport. This short documentary follows four b-girls committed to changing the game.



Founded in 1970 and based in Newark, N.J., Project U.S.E. provides experiential and outdoor education programs to public and private schools, state and municipal agencies, community groups and corporations. They provide the tools and context to promote self-respect, strong character, and social and environmental consciousness. Working with over 3,000 young people and adults annually from all parts of New Jersey and the northeast, Project U.S.E. inspires personal growth through experiential learning in diverse, safe, and challenging environments, building the foundations for lifelong success.



Lifelong barber Glenn Spencer has been cutting hair for over four decades. "When I die, I want you to do my hair," was Nicky Moore's last request to one of Mt. Sterling's longest serving barbers, Glenn Spencer. Since eighth grade, Glenn realized his calling was to cut hair, and for 46 years he did just that with his friend and late partner Joe Dicken. Although technically retired, Glenn still barbers by appointment on Thursdays in a garage beside his home. "Hair is like wood," he says. "It's got a grain. It grows a certain way and you can't you can't go against that." Many of Glenn's customers have been getting haircuts from him their entire lives and see each other like family. This short documentary was produced for the Mountain Workshops in Mt. Sterling, K.Y.